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At Origin Wellness, we have over 20 touch-free services that can help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and whole.

We use sustainable, technology-based treatments that harness natural forces to promote physical and mental wellness.




At Origin Wellness, we offer over 20 touch-free services and
programs to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and whole.

services and programs

A whole new approach to wellness.

With all the challenges of the modern world—like climate change, economic inequality, and social injustice—working on well-being is a lot more than a luxury; its a fundamental need to face the complex problems of modern life.  

At Origin Wellness, we value a scientific approach to the promotion of physical and mental well-being. We use technology-based treatments that harness natural forces to promote physical and mental wellness. Our services can give your mind and body immediate relief, but our approach focuses on prevention and long-lasting results. 

This place is a dream! So much so that after a few amazing treatments at Origin Wellness I  had a vivid dream that I hid in the building so I could stay overnight and enjoy all that this place has to offer. I woke up feeling so satisfied...My advice - try  everything!

Karen Buckley

Origin Wellness is a gem, and we are so lucky to have it in Saint Louis. It is wonderful to relax with all these leading edge high tech therapies for the mind and body in such a calming and beautiful setting and with such professional staff. Always a lovely  experience.

Lora Reardon

What an awesome place! I've never experienced such amazing services...all under one roof. Origin Wellness is innovative with cutting edge treatments right here in St. Louis!  Highly recommend the salt room and Bio Balance. Thermal Relax is sensational.  I have throbbing varicose veins. After just one treatment in the thermal relax bed, the throbbing had subsided and my circulation was improved.

Shannon Marie

The staff at Origin Wellness are so kind! The space is beautiful and they are so caring to  SLU students. They offer a wide variety of services and the prices are very  reasonable.

Juliana Viro

I have never experienced anything as relaxing and restorative as my day spent here! I started with the intro session and the next day did a full day of services all planned specifically for me by their amazing staff. I left feeling with a sense of calm and yet a renewed energy. It was fun, healing and for a whole day of services, really affordable! I can't wait to go back!

Susan Lewis

an entirely new approach
to wellness.