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Body Tone

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30 min
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Loose-fitting, comfy clothes.
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Body Tone

About This Service

Body Tone is a treatment that can help reduce fat, tighten skin, and remove toxins, especially when combined with diet and exercise. It is based on a French technique called "Endermology." In the 1980's the Frenchman Louis Paul Guitay developed the approach and coined the term. This technique has been adopted by Origin Wellness both for its impact on the body and for its synergistic benefits with other services we offer.

Body Tone is a non-invasive technique which consists of mechanical stimulation of the skin. The device's mechanical movement stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation, boosting the elimination of toxins, especially after physical exertion (sports, EMS, dance, fitness, etc.). It also acts simultaneously on cells and connective tissue to help renew the deep layers of the skin and help restart the process of natural fat dissolution in adipose tissue. The head of the machine repeatedly applies suction to the skin, while its rollers palpate and roll the skin 10X stronger than the human hand without inducing pain. This stimulation reactivates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

The Body Tone specialist will create a program adapted to your personal objectives. Studies conducted by the manufacturers report that over the course of a few sessions, Body Tone will generally have the following impacts on the body:

  • detoxification
  • fats reduction and natural redensification/tonification of the dermis
  • smoothing of dimpled skin that accompanies cellulite (so called "orange peel skin").

It also has an incomparable impact on the elimination of toxins for athletes and on the refinement of the silhouette. As already mentioned, it is one of the most effective ways to overcome cellulite and sagging skin, and to meet drainage needs while relieving symptoms of water retention, tired and achy legs, and swollen ankles or feet.

After a session, tissues are softened and unclogged, since the practitioner's maneuvers help to release the subcutaneous adhesions. The so-called orange peel gradually fades, as skin tightens and becomes smoother. Likewise, after a big workout (or any physical activity), Body Tone can help eliminate toxins, which relieves muscle aches and pains and makes the legs feel lighter.

Most clients experience an immediate sensation of wellness after the first session. If ankles are swollen, there is generally a slimming effect, and legs will ache less and quickly regain their shape. Leg drainage is as effective as it is pleasant and is particularly recommended during pregnancy.

For optimal effectiveness, we advise starting with several sessions per week for 1 month. Then a slower pace will be enough to maintain and strengthen results.

Preparing for the Service

As with all of our services, we recommend drinking plenty of water both before and after the session to help with the elimination of toxins. High quality water is provided at Origin Wellness.

You will need to disrobe to participate in this service (underwear is optional). The practitioner will leave the room at the beginning and end of the service to allow you privacy to disrobe in the changing room and get on or off of the massage table. Similar to a massage, the practitioner will use draping techniques to expose one part of the body at a time to apply the treatment.

Some high-quality, organic oils will be applied to the skin to facilitate the movement of the rollers on the skin.

Please be advised that a certain amount of reddening of the skin is normal when using Body Tone.  This will usually disappear within a few hours but may last a few days.  Clients with sensitive skin, or skin that tends to mark easily, may notice red marks and light bruising lasting for more than a few days. If you are concerned about skin marking please feel free to request that the technician avoids certain body areas or uses only the lightest pressure.


We request that you do not use this equipment if you have one of the following contraindicated conditions. Risks are not limited to the following so please consult your physician if in any doubt:

  • Pregnancy (except if drainage only on the legs)
  • Breast Feeding
  • Pacemaker or other implanted electrical device including an insulin pump
  • Burns/skin damage or rash/wounds/Shingles
  • Light sensitivity
  • Bleeding diseases (e.g. hemophilia) and Anticoagulant treatment
  • Acute infections
  • New Cancer diagnosis that is progressing

Use with caution:

  • During menstruation/menstrual cramps
  • Surgical implants (Silicon, Prosthesis etc.)
  • Recent injections (avoid injection site)
  • Heart problems/ Bypass surgery
  • Hypothyroidism, hypocortisolism, Unstable Diabetes Mellitus

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Origin Wellness is a gem, and we are so lucky to have it in Saint Louis. It is wonderful to relax with all these leading edge high tech therapies for the mind and body in such a calming and beautiful setting and with such professional staff. Always a lovely  experience.

Lora Reardon

This place is a dream! So much so that after a few amazing treatments at Origin Wellness I  had a vivid dream that I hid in the building so I could stay overnight and enjoy all that this place has to offer. I woke up feeling so satisfied...My advice - try  everything!

Karen Buckley

I have never experienced anything as relaxing and restorative as my day spent here! I started with the intro session and the next day did a full day of services all planned specifically for me by their amazing staff. I left feeling with a sense of calm and yet a renewed energy. It was fun, healing and for a whole day of services, really affordable! I can't wait to go back!

Susan Lewis

What an awesome place! I've never experienced such amazing services...all under one roof. Origin Wellness is innovative with cutting edge treatments right here in St. Louis!  Highly recommend the salt room and Bio Balance. Thermal Relax is sensational.  I have throbbing varicose veins. After just one treatment in the thermal relax bed, the throbbing had subsided and my circulation was improved.

Shannon Marie

The staff at Origin Wellness are so kind! The space is beautiful and they are so caring to  SLU students. They offer a wide variety of services and the prices are very  reasonable.

Juliana Viro

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